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Filmyard Produtions: St Mary’s Hospital, St Francis Hospital, Giant Industries, Applebee’s (jingle and ads), State National Bank and others.


Southwest Productions: Coleman Vision-TV and original music beds, Skymall (ads and original music), NM Mortgage Finance Authority.


Reborama: Sandia Casino, Cliff’s Amusement Park


Wayne Scheiner and Company: Over 200 radio and television commercials for various clients including the New Mexico Symphony, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Russ Whitener Law Firm, and Canine Country Club and Feline Inn.


:30 Second Street:

Post production for numerous local and national television commercials and documentaries, including work for Los Alamos National Labs.


Working Boy Productions: "A Mile High And Louder Than..." The Pit Re-Birth of a legend- full length documentary (music and audio sweeting)


David Dunaway: “Pete Seeger: How Can I Keep from Singing?” 3 hour radio documentary and CD collection for Public Radio International.


Vaughn Wedeen Kune: New Mexico Department of Transportation


McKee Wallwork Cleveland: Various spots for Presbyterian Healthcare, TUPAC, Cliff’s Amusement Park, New Mexico Expo, Mr. Rooter and others.


Symphony Radio Campaigns: Over 300 spots for Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Summer Music Inc., Connecticut, The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra and  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.


Wheeler Advertising: Dallas: Over 1500 radio and TV ads produced for clients throughout the United States, as well as original music for more than 20 jingles.


Concussion Advertising: Dallas: Route 66 Casino ads


Cooney Watson Advertising: Production for City of Albuquerque Water Campaign, Original music score and audio production for Foster a Future ad campaign


Judith Preston: Advertising for Zangara Dodge and audio for Sandia National Labs Training videos.


JLO Productions: classical piano tracks as well as entire audio tracks for 18 minute Georgia O’Keefe video for the National Historic Preservation Society.


Lerner Films, Inc.: audio production and original music for Braum’s Ice Cream, extensive audio posting for "One River, Many Voices" (42 minute documentary) as well as original music for Presbyterian Hospital.


G & G Advertising: Partnership for A Drug Free America radio campaign and Santa Fe Opera promotion. Also ads for G & G’s Montana clients.


Albuquerque Water Utility Authority: water conservation advertising.


Attivo Advertising: Jinja Bar and Bistro jingle and ads; Garduños jingle and ads.


Talking Turkey Pictures: K12 video posting and original music for various documentaries.


Christopher Productions: Safeteen and “Looking In—Kids who are Homeless” television documentary.


Strascina Garcia: Cliff’s Amusement Park and Albuquerque Neuroscience.


Susie Tallman/Rock Me Baby Records

Michael Anthony

Syd Masters

Michael Mauldin

Dianna Hughes

Jane Ellen

Heidi Swedberg (Sukey Jump Music)

Phil Lenk

Rob Williams

Albuquerque Boy Choir

Courtney Smith

Lavender Fernandez

Patty Stephens and Pat Rhoads

Ron Frost

Steve Kilgore

Sherrah Taylor

Lori Michaels

Michael Gray

Bev Rogoff

Mary Badarack

Maxine Thevenot

Sue Hoadley

Michael Jordan

Higher Ground

Deanna Whitehead

Irvis Macy

Linda Myers

Jean Blomquist

Cole Mitchell

Gershon Winkler

The Biznessmen

Aaron Gentry

Sandy Dolce……and others.




"Crash" tv series

"Wild Fire" tv series


Sound Design and Mix:



Audio Books

Lenann McGookey Gardner

Overeaters Annonymous

Margaret Hay Van Damm

Donna Lancaster

Olive Gallagher